Hazardous waste disposal center

Reporters learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, Qinghai Province, Xining, the center of hazardous waste and medical waste disposal center built and put into trial operation. Xining, the city of East Sea, Hainan, Huangnan and other places more than and 120 enterprises and institutions involved in the 23 categories of hazardous waste, … [Read more…]

North of Xining city to create branch secretary demonstration project boost the construction of New

in recent years, the north area of Xining city in accordance with the "party building must grassroots, grassroots key grab Secretary" ideas, the work of Party building as the number one project, give prominence to the village Party branch secretary of the key, build around an ideological and political quality, strong team of Party branch … [Read more…]

Gan River Industrial Park of Xining Economic Development Zone, 300 farmers received pre job training

April 10th, Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, 300 local farmers began to accept pre employment training into the park. the training is the Huangzhong occupation technical school occupation training center of the Gan River Industrial Park and the western mining zinc branch in cooperation with chemical smelting non-ferrous metal … [Read more…]

Datong to establish the wisdom of rural digital management platform

Reporters learned that in the town of Changning Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County home village interview, the rural social management platform in digital farmers "local archives, accounting, information, evaluation function, greatly facilitate the masses online business and government inquiry. This is the province’s first rural digital management platform with this feature. The microcode entry … [Read more…]

Happy harmony celebration the feelings of warmth relief workers

"If there is no long-term concern for the enterprise, my son will not live until now." this slightly old man is suffering from uremia, Qinghai branch of China Aluminum Corporation, the father of difficult workers Li Shannan. In the Spring Festival to receive 8000 yuan difficult helping gold, his eyes tears excitedly said: "my son … [Read more…]